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City Settlers is a whole-class simulation in which learners engage in collaborative embodied play, competition, and sensemaking within the domains of sustainability, environmental complex systems, and city building. Learners work in teams running separate but interconnected cities and need to deal with the interrelatedness of economic, ecological, and social systems which are integral to understanding sustainable development.


Connected Spaces is a technology framework designed to support students in developing their engineering and physical computing identities and personal empowerment, by digitally connecting geographically distributed youth makers with peers and mentors.

Learning the Process of Cell Division

ChromosoME is an interactive virtual reality (VR) simulation of cell division powered by Oculus Quest, which is a headset VR device that allows full hand tracking without any other external sensors. The simulation presents an accurate representation of the process of mitosis. While users are playing the simulation, it is accompanied by an interactive user interface that offers basic instructions and presents data within the simulation on a learner’s performance for review and to inform subsequent activity. The aim is to make the learner's hands become a part of the actual mitosis process in order to participate in what they are trying to understand. 


REACH is a novel projection device that allows users to talk & share gestures around a common artifact while in separate locations.


SimSnap supports students in seamlessly investigating personally meaningful science simulations across individual, small group, and whole-class configurations. SimSnap enables this movement between different social planes by enabling students to “snap” their individual tablets (or Chromebooks) together by simply placing them next to each other, to create a shared single simulation that spans all their devices. Through this, students can carry their individual and collaborative explorations with them for future collaborative activities.


"Small Choices" is the name of both a short documentary film and a learning mini-game about climate science. These two experiences both address the same learning goals about the causes of and solutions to climate change, but compare the benefits of narrative and interactive media for kids learning together with their caretakers in an informal environment.

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